Brass fittings are tough and robust and possess great service life to almost every application where high flow and high pressures are available. Brass pipe fittings manufacturers often supply their brass fitting range to industries for various applications. You can easily find these fittings in numerous of industrial applications. Fittings having threaded connections are commonly found, but soldered connections are often applied in the application.

Brass Pipe Connections

How to make right threaded connections?

There are following steps that will help you in understanding the way through which you can make threaded connections.

  • You need to wrap male threads with a non-stick tape to ensure tight seal. This will make the removal of fitting easier at a later time.
  • After wrapping the fittings, you need to attach them to the pipe and turn them clockwise so that these fittings can be sealed tightly manually.
  • Completely fasten the brass fittings by placing one wrench over fitting and another wrench on the coupling at the pipe end. Hold the pipe still and fasten the fitting using attached wrench. Do not over-tighten the fitting as it may damage to both fitting and pipe.

These three simple steps have been discussed by brass pipe fittings manufacturers to make you understand about the threaded connections. You can follow these basic steps to make right working threaded connections.

And the story about soldered fittings

  • You need to score the end of the pipe and interior of the fittings with steel wool. Once you did it, apply soldering flux. Once it is done, place the fitting onto the pipe.
  • Make adjustment to the highest setting and later heat the area next to the fitting with flame to ensure the fitting is hot enough for soldering.
  • Heat the fitting until flux bubbles. Remove the heat source and link the solder to joint.

How to loosen brass fitting

There are times when your brass fittings turn into sticky fittings and you left with an option of removing them.

Steps for removing brass fitting-

  1. Clean the brass fitting properly.
  2. In case you need to heat it, place a fire-safe cloth on the floor around the fitting. It’s good thought to make adjustment in your wrench prior to heating to remove the fitting quickly while keeping your hands away from hot metal.
  3. Take help of your coworker who can hold a fire extinguisher for safety. Move the flame of torch back and forth on the connection. If you put the flame at particular area, it will damage the side of the fitting and pipe.
  4. Place the wrench on to fitting and loosen the fastener. It only takes a minute to heat the fitting to loosen it.

All of these techniques are issued by experienced brass pipe fittings manufacturers. Make sure you understand them aptly before commencing removal or installation of brass fittings. For any confusion, make comment in below section and our experts will provide you explanation for the subject.